25 Tasty Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast

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I receive lots of questions about how I use nutritional yeast in my diet, so created a round-up of my favorite recipes and ways I like to eat it. If you’re already a fan, please share your favorite ways to use nutritional yeast. I’m always looking for new and tasty ideas, and I’m sure many of you are too!

25 Tasty Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast

  1. Sprinkled into scrambled eggs
  2. On pasta – like grated Parmesan
  3. Mixed into salad greens
  4. Whisked into homemade salad dressing – I love this one!
  5. In a rice bowl
  6. On popcorn – so good!
  7. Mmm Sauce – my favorite!
  8. On buttered toast
  9. On rice cakes
  10. Feel Good (Vegan) Mac & Cheese
  11. Mashed into homemade guacamole
  12. Cheesy Cauliflower “Popcorn”
  13. Scrambled with tofu
  14. Cheesy Kale Chips
  15. In soup
  16. Vegan Alfredo Pasta
  17. Mixed into canned tuna (or salmon) – I like it with honey mustard + nutritional yeast
  18. Light & Creamy Chickpea Salad with Shredded Brussels Sprouts
  19. Sprinkled onto sautéed spinach
  20. Sprinkled onto any roasted or steamed veggies – I especially like it on broccoli and Brussels sprouts
  21. On avocado toast
  22. Mixed into your favorite flavor of hummus
  23. Inside a veggie quesadilla
  24. Blended into mashed potatoes
  25. Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite way to eat nutritional yeast?

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