4 Documentaries I Really Liked

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Good morning!

I started yesterday morning with a glass of bright green juice. In the mix: kale, spinach, apple, celery, cabbage, and carrot. Deeeelicious!

4 Documentaries I Really Liked

Since we’re on the topic of juice, I thought I’d mention Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. A bunch of you guys left comments about it yesterday and it was one of the reasons that I decided to give juicing a try. If you haven’t seen this film and you’re thinking about this juicing stuff, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Joe Cross, who starred in and made the documentary, was suffering from an autoimmune disease. He was taking a ton of steroids that weren’t really working and he was basically at the end of his rope, so he decided to start juicing as a way to regain his health. It’s definitely an inspiring story about taking control of one’s health.

4 Documentaries I Really Liked
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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is just one documentary that I really liked. Here are a few more of my favorites!

Food, Inc.

You guys probably already know about Food, Inc., right? If not, please watch it. It will change the way you eat (and how you see Perdue chicken).

4 Documentaries I Really Liked
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The World’s Most Dangerous Drug (Meth)

I don’t know how Mal and I ended up watching this documentary (I guess we were curious after watching so many episodes of Breaking Bad), but this film totally blew our minds. Meth is one crazy-ass drug.

4 Documentaries I Really Liked
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The King of Kong

I’ve talked about this documentary on CNC in the past, and I always end up recommending it to friends for a good laugh and some serious “drama.” If you share my sense of humor (weird and geeky), you’ll definitely get a kick of out it!

4 Documentaries I Really Liked
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After drinking my green juice, I headed to CrossFit for a workout. I always like to eat something before I exercise, but I didn’t have time yesterday morning. Plus, eating right before a CrossFit workout is kind of awful. I ate a bunch of guacamole before a workout last week, and I totally thought I was going to barf it up a few times.


10 X 1
All sets at 90% of 1RM


3 RFT:

6 Power Cleans
12 Lateral Burpees
Rx: (155, 105)
L3: (135, 95)
L2: (95, 65)
L1: (65, 35)

After a warm-up, I worked with Kerrie on the Strength part of the workout, which was Deadlifts. We worked our way up to 215, but after a few reps, my form started to suffer, so I took off some weight and used 195 pounds for the rest of the reps.

For the WOD, I used 85 pounds for the Power Cleans and finished in 3:01, which was one second faster than my friend Kerrie. The two of us were racing to the finish on the last round of Burpees, and I managed to do my 12th one and stand-up right before she finished. I rarely ever beat Kerrie in a WOD, so it was definitely a little victory for me! And, of course, I wouldn’t have gone as hard if Kerrie wasn’t right next to me going balls to the wall trying to beat me, so she’s definitely my favorite competitor.


After I got home from CrossFit, I was starving, so I immediately reheated some roasted sweet potatoes and cooked up some chicken sausage for breakfast.

4 Documentaries I Really Liked

I also drank a glass of Dandy Blend with canned coconut milk mixed in.

4 Documentaries I Really Liked


A few hours later, I started to get hungry again, so I reheated half of a sweet potato and topped it with Greek yogurt and bacon. On the side, I had some kale sautéed in coconut oil with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on top.

4 Documentaries I Really Liked


For dinner, I made Chicken Bacon Alfredo, which was frickin’ amazing. The recipes on PaleOMG are incredible and, of course, you don’t need to eat a Paleo diet to enjoy them. They’re just healthy, delicious recipes.

I de-Paleo-fied (obviously, that’s a word) last night’s meal by adding 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan to the sauce, which made it, oh, so cheesy. HUGE fan of this recipe. Definitely a keeper!

4 Documentaries I Really Liked

For dessert, Mal and I plowed through another bar of chocolate. Those Vosges people definitely know how to make some tasty chocolate!

4 Documentaries I Really Liked

Health News & Views

When I’m hungry, I’m more likely to reach for quick, easy foods in my kitchen, which are not always the healthiest. I’ve learned though, that with a little strategic organization and stocking of my refrigerator, I’m more likely to reach for nutritious choices. Here are my go-to tips for giving your fridge a healthy makeover!

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Questions of the Day

Do you ever watch documentaries? If so, which ones have you really liked?

P.S. For the pug people””One of my Twitter friends tweeted this to me last night, and I thought it was so adorable: Pug Palette.

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