Celebrating Cereal and Dessert

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Hello and happy Monday! How’s your day going so far? Poor Murphy has a case of the Mondays”¦

Celebrating Cereal and Dessert

That face is ridiculous.


Did you know it’s National Cereal Lovers Week? My friend, Erin, at General Mills sent me some Chex (and some other goodies, including candy corn pumpkins to feed my obsession), so I celebrated this tasty week with a big bowl of honey Chex topped with banana slices this morning.

Celebrating Cereal and Dessert

A little while later, I went back for a second bowl minus the banana slices. I don’t think it’s possible for me to eat just one bowl of cereal. Once I start, I can’t stop!


I’ve been on a serious cereal kick lately (it’s all I want to eat), so my lunch incorporated it too. I made a messy, mushy bowl of Greek yogurt with (defrosted frozen) blueberries (they’re at the bottom), coconut almonds, and honey Chex. Mmm! Hey, it’s National Cereal Lovers Week, I might as well embrace my crazy cereal cravings, right? (Went back for a second bowl of this too.)

Celebrating Cereal and Dessert

Speaking of national food celebrations, it’s also National Dessert Day! Helllllo!

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Today is National Dessert Day! Sounds like a delicious day, doesn’t it? And I’m sure you want to celebrate.

How about making one of these fabulous fall recipes? Each one is inspired by the wonderful flavors of the season-from pumpkin and apples to cinnamon and spice-there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

Celebrate National Dessert Day With 4 Fall Recipes

Celebrating Cereal and Dessert

Questions of the Day

What’s your #1 favorite kind of cereal?

What’s your favorite national food-related holiday?

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