Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

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After doing Fran on Monday night, last night’s “Double Trouble” WOD  kicked my bee-hind!! (I am most definitely taking a rest day today.)

Our workout started with a quick warm-up before moving onto the Strength part. (FYI: Almost every CrossFit workout has this same format: Warm-up, Strength, WOD, Cool-down. The entire workout is typically done in about an hour””sometimes less.) We did six rounds of weighted sled drags for 150 feet. The gals used one sled while the guys used another, so we didn’t have to keep switching the weight. I’m not sure what the ladies started with for weight, but after each round, we added a 5-pound plate. That bitch was sooo heavy by the end! My legs felt like Jello on the last two pulls!

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

And then there was the WOD!

WOD: “Double Trouble”


Abmat Sit-Ups






Just typing that workout makes me tired!

Here’s how “Double Trouble” worked: We did 30 Sit-Ups and then 30 Wallballs (I used a 10-pounder – Level 1). Then, we did 20 reps of the same exercises and then 10 reps. After that, we moved onto 10 Pistols (similar to single-leg squats) and 10 Burpees. Then, we worked our way up to 14 and 18 reps of each. It was so challenging, but I absolutely love these kinds of workouts.

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

When I was leaving CrossFit last night, I noticed that someone changed my Level 1 Fran goal to “as Rx’ed,” which, of course, scares the crap out of me, but I’m not going to change it back. It’s a HUGE goal (65 pounds!!! I only did 35 yesterday), but it’s something to work toward. I gave myself the whole year to do it, so, who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself?

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites


After CrossFit, Mal and I came home to an already-cooked dinner! Woohoo! I love you, Crockpot!

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

On the menu: Classic Pot Roast.

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

The recipe was another one from Real Simple, so I just cut up the veggies, seasoned the roast, put everything in the crockpot, and then I just needed to set it and forget it.

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

After dinner, I enjoyed two servings of Apple Crisp Light for dessert. I love this stuff.

Double Trouble & Crockpot Favorites

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite crockpot recipe?

Please share! I love finding new (and easy) recipes for the crockpot, and I know you guys do, too!

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