Eat and Be Full

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15 October 10 Eat and Be Full

Eat and Be Full

Don’t we all enjoy the feeling of fullness we get after a great meal? The satisfaction comes from eating a well-balanced selection of healthful foods that provide satiety. But it’s not always that easy to experience these types of meals, especially when we’re being mindful of our day’s calorie intake. The key to fullness, however, is finding foods that are high-volume but not high-calorie.

Imagine, for a moment, that you need an afternoon snack, and you have room in your food diary to devote about 300 calories. Of these three options, which would leave you feeling most full: 2 oz. of dried banana chips or three medium-size bananas? They both have about the same number of calories, but obviously the volume of eating three bananas (not that anyone would!) is much higher than a small handful of banana chips.

While the caloric difference between fresh fruits and dried ones may be obvious to most of us, the other kinds of high-volume foods we should be putting on our plates include complex carbohydrates (ones that are high in fiber, air or water – think air-popped popcorn!), whole grains and fresh or lightly-steamed vegetables. Also, protein-rich, lean foods will boost our satiety.

Limit as much as possible dry, crunchy foods like chips and crackers. These tend to be high in calories but low in volume.

To really feel full after a meal, start with an appetizer. No, not potato skins or hot wings! Start with a bowl of simple soup or a salad – the key is to keep it around 100 calories or less. And again, go for the fresh vegetables and lean proteins. This jump start on your meal will fill your stomach without busting your food diary.

So choose wisely, eat well and keep up the great work!

15 October 10 Eat and Be Full

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