Happy Holidays to You

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Good morning!

Remember when Mal, Murphy, and I took a family photo for our 24 Days of Togetherness? Well, all of your suggestions to have holiday cards made inspired me to send them to our family and friends, so thank you for the motivation. And, more importantly, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!!!

Happy Holidays to You

What do you think of our holiday cards? (FYI: I used Vistaprint.com to make them.)


Before bed last night Mal hinted that he wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning. Ok, he didn’t hint at all. Instead, totally joking, but not really joking, he said: “You should make me pancakes for breakfast tomorrow morning.” Ha! Mal is pretty awesome, so I agreed and whipped up some OMG Pancakes for him (and me) before school this morning. I topped my pancakes with almond butter and drank a glass of decaf iced coffee with SO Delicious Nog.

Happy Holidays to You

Health News & Views

With the New Year right around the corner, I want to stick to my healthy habits, but I want to splurge a little too, so this recipe for Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins is the best of both worlds. There’s plenty of chocolate to indulge your taste buds (cocoa and dark chocolate chips), but nutritious and low-calorie canned pumpkin replaces some of the calories and fat while the “mini” size provides portion control, so you can enjoy one””or two””muffins without guilt!

Happy Holidays to You

Sandy Hook 5K

This morning, a reader emailed me about a road she and some other folks are organizing in Connecticut to honor the children and teachers who lost their lives on Friday. Besides the actual race in CT, they are also organizing a nationwide virtual race. Check out their Facebook group for more info and how to get involved.

Question of the Day

In your opinion, what’s the BEST part about the holidays?

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