Kale Chips Rule

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Tonight’s blog post title pretty much sums up how I feel about kale chips. They rule! Kale Chips Rule

I don’t know how I could have ever forgotten about kale chips!?! I haven’t made them since May 2008, which is totally crazy, right? Where has my mind been?!

Kale Chips Rule

Along with a hefty serving of kale chips, I also had some carrot sticks with dinner. Hooray for a double serving of veggies! 😀

When Beth and Corey visited, they mentioned that they try to eat two servings of veggies with dinner every night. I love this idea, so I’m going to try to incorporate it into my eating habits as well. Small, everyday changes add up!

Kale Chips Rule

And, finally, I enjoyed a small onion hamburger that my wonderful husband cooked up.

Kale Chips Rule

For dessert, I enjoyed a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. Yuuuumm!

Kale Chips Rule

I seriously considered eating a second peanut butter cup, but I stuck to my guns and brushed my teeth instead. I’m really trying to keep it together around sweets.

Kale Chips Rule

Ask Me Anything

The questions just keep coming! Here are some more answers to your Ask Me Anything questions:

Did you have to convince Mal to get Murphy, or did he want a pug as much as you did?

I don’t think anyone in the whole wide world wanted a pug more than me, but Mal was on board with getting one, too. As soon as Mal saw Murphy’s adorable pug face at the breeder’s home, he was hooked. M & M are pretty much in love now. 😉

How is it that you eat the same amount of calories now as when you were trying to lose weight?

Before losing weight, I ate about 2,500 – 3,000 calories per day. So, when I reduced that amount to 1,800 – 2,200 calories and started exercising more frequently, the weight came off. I continue to consume 1,800 – 2,200 calories per day, so I’ve maintain my weight for almost 6 years now.

You have written about your mom, family, special occasions, gatherings with them, but I am curious if you have a close relationship with your mom. How often do you speak on the phone, have mother-daughter times?

My mom is pretty amazing. I have so much respect for her and what she has done for my sister and me over the years. Growing up, my mom worked long hours at two jobs to support our family financially, but, at the same time, she never missed a soccer game, dance recital, or other important event in our lives. Somehow, she did it all!

My mom and I used to talk on the phone a few times a week, but now that she reads my blog everyday, we only talk about once a week. Although, I’m pretty sure she just reads my blog to see photos of her grand-dog.

My husband is also a teacher, so I have to ask… Mal seems to be around a lot during the day. How is he able to swing so much time off?

It’s Mal’s February vacation, so he has the whole week off.

Mal just broke out a bag of Giant Salted Cashews that the folks at the Superior Nut Company sent me to sample. I’m off to snag a handful… or two! 😉 I LOVE cashews!

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