New Year’s Day Workout + Recipe

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Hello and happy NEW YEAR, my friends!

I am so glad it’s 2015 because I’m looking forward to so much this year… Quinn growing, walking, and talking, traveling (oh, how I’ve missed it), running the Boston Marathon, summer (yep, just plain old summer), and so much more! Hello, 2015!

New Year’s Day Workout + Recipe

Since a lot of us (myself included) are kicking off the new year with our health and wellness in mind, I thought I would share a new favorite workout and recipe with all of you.

I did the workout below at KFIT the other day and it kicked my butt (in a good way, of course). You need a barbell and kettlebell for this workout, but as long as you have a kettlebell, you could still do it. You would just need to sub Goblet Squats for the Front Squats and jump over the kettlebell for the Bar-Facing Burpees.

New Year’s Day Workout + Recipe

The recipe below is what I ate for dinner last night before going straight to bed. I know… we had a super exciting New Year’s Eve. Listen to this: We ate dinner, put Quinn to bed, and then we went to bed ourselves. I was sound asleep by 9:00 PM. Mal wished me a Happy New Year at 4:30 AM when Quinn woke up this morning. (Thankfully, we got him to sleep for another hour, so 5:30 AM didn’t seem so bad.) Anyway… this is the meal that I ate last night, and it was sooooo delicious and definitely one I will make again!

New Year’s Day Workout + Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Veggie Rice-Bowl: Steam some broccoli and spinach, chop it up into small salad-like pieces, pour on some buffalo sauce, mix in some rice and chicken, and top it all with blue cheese crumbles. OMG, deeeeelicious!

Questions of the Day

How was your New Year’s Eve?

What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

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