Summer is the Season to…

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Happy first day of summer, friends!!!

Summer is the Season to…

I love summer. A lot. I also love today because it’s the longest day of the year. I just really enjoy having those extra hours of sunlight each day. It’s kind of cool when you look outside at 8:30 at night and it’s still kind of light out, right? I feel like I never want to sleep at this time of year!

Eats & Treats

So, I’m still feeling out how food is going to fit into CNC, but I snapped a few pics of some of the delicious things I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of days. Here are some highlights:

Sweet potato puffs!

Summer is the Season to…

These ones are actually from Alexia. As you might remember, I’m obsessed with the sweet potato tots from Trader Joe’s. I always stock up on them when I shop there, but I haven’t had a chance to get there lately, so I bought these Alexia ones at Stop & Shop the other day.

The Alexia sweet potato puffs are really tasty, but different from the ones from Trader Joe’s. The Alexia sweet potato puffs are a little smaller in size and crispier. They also seemed less greasy and more “puffier” than the ones from Trader Joe’s. I actually think I like the ones from TJ’s better, but these are definitely a delicious option. I will surely buy them again!

Summer is the Season to…

Also delicious”¦ Passion Fruit iced tea from Starbucks!

I’m taking a break from iced coffee for a little bit (trying to heal my colon), so I’m giving iced tea a whirl. The Passion Fruit (with a half pump of sweetener) is really good. It might just be my new summer drink!

Summer is the Season to…

Freshly pressed green juice!

I’ve been loading up my juice with lots of leafy greens (with apple and orange or lemon) with the hope of getting some iron into my system to prevent anemia. My insides have been bleeding (a lot) for almost 3 months straight now, so I’m doing everything I can to keep my levels up. Juice seems to be a great way to get a lot of vitamins at once without a lot of “roughage.”

Summer is the Season to…

Peanut Butter Cup cupcake in a jar!

Oooh, yes! My friend Kerrie got me this for my birthday yesterday, and holy frickin’ yum! Decadent chocolate cake with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream, drizzled with peanut butter and topped with Reese’s peanut butter cups. Whoa. Happy birthday to me! I love that it’s a cupcake in a jar. Why is everything more adorable when it’s in a jar?

Summer is the Season to…

Question of the Day

The folks at Rue La La recently asked me for a contribution to their piece called “Summer is the Season To”¦”. Check out what I had to say and, just for fun, feel free to play along in the comment section.

Summer is the season to”¦

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