Time Warp

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Annnnnd”¦ I’m home.

Wow. That trip felt like a time wrap. Boston —> New York City —> Boston. So glad to be home— at least for a little while.


I never sleep well in hotels (because I’m usually on edge and wake up every hour worried that a stranger is going to come into my room and kidnap me), but I slept like a rock last night. Apparently, there was a ton of noisy street construction outside our hotel window, but Beth said I slept right through it. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I guess I was really exhausted.

Once we were ready for the day, Beth and I headed to Birch Coffee for breakfast.

Time Warp

I ordered a cold brew coffee with soy milk and an egg and cheese sandwich on a flaky, buttery, holy yum croissant.

Time WarpTime Warp

Yummmmm! Cheese and I are best, best, best friends lately.

Time Warp

After breakfast, I said goodbye to Beth and then walked to 34th & 8th to grab the Bolt Bus home. I was supposed to take the 10:00 bus, but I managed to hop on the 9:00, which was running late. Hooray! Good timing. And I got home an hour early!


At Birch Coffee, I bought a Lenka’s Nuts & Berries Granola Bar to eat on the bus. It was made with rolled oats, cashews, peanuts, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, brown sugar, and raisins. The bar was really crumbly, so I made a mess trying to eat it on the bus. Oops. It was really delicious though!

Time Warp

I also bought a banana from a street vendor (on my walk to the Bolt Bus) to eat as a snack.

Time Warp

When I finally got home, I was hungry, but dinner was just a couple of hours away, so I threw together a salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, pickles, sliced ham, truffle oil, and balsamic vinegar to hold me over.

Time Warp

Once I finished my salad, it was time to start packing and preparing for Reach the Beach.

Time Warp

On my What to Pack for an Overnight Running Relay post, a few of you guys mentioned packing each of your running outfits into a separate Ziplock bag to make finding things easier. You guys are so smart. I love this idea, but I didn’t have any large Ziplock bags on hand, so I used some drawstring race bags that I had laying around. I always end up saving these bags, but I never know what to do with them, so I’m glad that I could finally put them to use.

Time Warp

I laid out all three of my outfits, each with a running top, bottom, sports bras, socks, and even a (matching) BIC Band.

Time Warp

Then, I rolled up everything nice and neat inside each of the individual bags. (I plan to use these bags for my sweaty post-run clothes too.)

Time Warp

I still have a little more packing to do, but I’m about 90% done. The rest I will finish in the morning. I can’t believe Reach the Beach is so soon! Ahhh! I’m so excited!

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