Work From Home? Here are 5 Tips For Your Weight Management

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28 May 2019Work From Home? Here are 5 Tips For Your Weight Management

28 May 2019Work From Home? Here are 5 Tips For Your Weight Management

Pack a Lunch

One of the great advantages of working from home is the ability to build your own schedule. And yet this flexibility can equate to skipping meals, mindless snacking and choosing convenience foods over something nutritious and filling. Set yourself up for success by packing your lunch the night before. Just as you might do for a long day at the office, packing your lunch allows you to make reasonable decisions ahead of time.

When we let ourselves get overly hungry, we tend to choose high fat/high carbohydrate snacks because they are convenient and taste good. Crackers and cheese for lunch with a side of cereal. Sound familiar? Preparing your lunch the night before also allows you to pre portion your meal which will help you get closer to your calorie and macro goals for the day.

Take Planned Breaks to Refresh Instead of Snacking

When working from home it can be too easy to munch when our energy dips. Instead of eating something whenever the mood strikes, try creating a schedule for yourself. Experts share that our productivity is at its best if we take breaks from the computer at least every hour. Walk around your house or take the dog for a lap around the block. This allows you to stretch out your back and shoulders as well as refresh your mind. Taking planned breaks also can be energizing. When we feel energized we are less likely to turn to food/snacks for a quick pick-me up.

Stock Your Pantry and Refrigerator with Healthy Items = Healthy Snack
Set yourself up for success by stocking your kitchen with healthy and convenient items to prepare a snack quickly. Here are some easy snack ideas:

  • Hummus and raw veggies (2T of hummus = a serving)
  • Apple slices with almond butter (2T of almond butter = a serving)
  • Cottage cheese with grape halves
  • Hard boiled egg + whole wheat crackers
  • Air popped popcorn + almonds (22 almonds = 1 oz)

On the other hand if your pantry is full of tempting high calorie items, it can be very difficult to sort past these in search of a lower calorie alternative. If you are serious about losing weight and being healthy, remove these calorie dense temptations from your kitchen.

Eat Away from Your Screens

It can be far too easy to heat up your lunch and consume it while reading “one more email.” Did you know that when adults are engaged in screen time activities they tend to eat more? Research shows that paying attention to what we are eating at a meal, a.k.a. mindful eating, is linked to eating less later on. To learn more about what happens with distracted eating check out this article from the Harvard Health Blog.

Shut-down Ritual

When you work from home, the lines between work and the rest of your life can become blurred. To help create healthy boundaries, set up a shutdown ritual at the end of your day. This might include doing some deep breathing after you put your computer to sleep. Or it might include a trip to the gym to shake off the day. Whatever works best for you to transition from work to the other aspects of your life, make a concerted effort to implement your plan.

Finally, managing weight and maintaining health are important to long term productivity and our ability to continue working and creating. It is imperative we find ways to set up boundaries with technology and the ever expanding expectations of working from home. Finding ways to reward yourself for implementing these or other suggestions can keep you motivated and help you stay the course for the long haul!

Joanna Kriehn is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator with a passion for supporting individuals as they move towards a healthier lifestyle. You can learn more about Joanna by visiting her LinkedIn page

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